one of a kind handmade bags


A message from a fan, "Hi. Saw the video of you making one and wished I had a big tote bag with one on either side. Then the next morning I saw the chocolate purse and though sadly it was sold, it inspired me to dig further on your Facebook page. I have never been a purse person, although I do enjoy a nice coach bag about once every 5 years or so when they come out with something I like, lol......but I gotta say, you may be single - handedly changing my tune. I am just so impressed with your designs, and feel so honored to be able to support a small business woman I know! Watch out Kate Spade.....whose bags feel like they're made with Jo - Ann fabrics clearance rack material, lol. I will buy the bag, and am looking forward to seeing my new wallet. Take your time though if you have other stuff you are working rush and I don't want to delay anyone else getting their bags "

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