one of a kind handmade bags


A message from a fan, "Hi. Saw the video of you making one and wished I had a big tote bag with one on either side. Then the next morning I saw the chocolate purse and though sadly it was sold, it inspired me to dig further on your Facebook page. I have never been a purse person, although I do enjoy a nice coach bag about once every 5 years or so when they come out with something I like, lol......but I gotta say, you may be single - handedly changing my tune. I am just so impressed with your designs, and feel so honored to be able to support a small business woman I know! Watch out Kate Spade.....whose bags feel like they're made with Jo - Ann fabrics clearance rack material, lol. I will buy the bag, and am looking forward to seeing my new wallet. Take your time though if you have other stuff you are working rush and I don't want to delay anyone else getting their bags "

a letter from a happy buyer

"Elizabeth at sacAmain, I received one of you gorgeous bags as a birthday gift last week. It is glorious! I have never received so many compliments for a bag in my life. At the grocery store, at work, shopping, everywhere I go, my new bag attracts positive attention. I was so thrilled to find two of your business cards in the bag. The first person who adored my new bag was thrilled that I could share that card with information. The second card I have saved safely in my wallet to always have your contact information with me. I am hoping that all this great attention will serve your business well. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us who love carrying your art!!!!! Thank you again! With much appreciation, Sarah" 

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